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by admin on July 14, 2010

Finding out or suspecting your partner or spouse is cheating is a huge shock – and often you don’t know who to turn to for support.  Many of us are reluctant to talk to our close friends about the affair, we can feel ashamed or just don’t want other people’s opinions to affect our decision about what to do next.  We need help though to survive infidelity.

One of the ways to get the help you need to face your cheating spouse or partner is to use forums that focus on infidelity and cheating partners.  I have started this list but we are always happy to hear from anyone with forums you think should be added:

Surviving Infidelity

The one I wrote a lot about in the eBook is – this was where I found support when I found out about Brian (my cheating ex).  It has an extensive library of articles and answers to questions asked by betrayed spouses.  There is a real sense of community, with many old timers sticking around to help those new to this situation.  I found friendship and by hanging out on the forum boards, it made me realise I wasn’t alone.  Many other people are dealing with situations just as bad as (and often worse than) mine.

Other Forums

Loveshack is an interpersonal relationship center, and it has a board for those dealing with infidelity.  Not quite as busy and big as Surviving Infidelity, but you would still find support and help here.

Again this is a general relationship forum with an infidelity thread you can join.  Again not as busy as Surviving Infidelity, it seems to be popular with a somewhat younger crowd (talking about boyfriends and fiances rather than husbands and wives).

Catch Cheaters is relatively new so again not so busy, but it is useful as it has separate boards for men and women.  Many of the boards on other sites have far more women than men so for the guys this could be a good choice – they seem quite active and supportive.  There is some serious pain been discussed.

catch them cheating and survive infidelityThis article is by Sarah Horth, author of Infidelity: Catch Them Cheating and Survive.  Read our review of her infidelity ebook here.

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